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IFP Week, a signature program of the Independent Feature Project (IFP) is the only multiple-platform, international co-production market for projects in the United States. Taking place at IFP’s Made in NY Media Center and nearby venues in New York City, IFP Week 2018 spans the course of 6 days with programs such as the Screen Forward Talks, Meet the Decision Makers, Direct Access, the Rooftop Films Screening Series, What’s Now talks, and immersive installations.

The full week facilitates over 5,000 storyteller/industry meetings, a multi-day conference, film, television and new media screenings, audio listening stations, future-forward panels and special events. Nearly 4,000 filmmakers, series, audio and new media creators, members of the public, and related industry representatives attend annually. IFP is thrilled to celebrate its 40th anniversary with the independent media community this year, with a wide range of public events, screenings, and happenings, which anyone can attend! For more information on these programs and for a schedule, please visit the public events or calendar pages.


IFP Project Forum is a place for industry professionals to meet new talent and discover new projects. Over 350 artists and more than 525 industry representatives take part in one-to-one meetings, in which creatives receive detailed feedback on their work and begin to develop relationships with decision-makers. Project Forum includes the No Borders International Co-Production Market, which offers filmmakers and media creators working on narrative film, serialized,  digital and audio projects opportunities to meet with industry leaders. No Borders is the only international co-production market in the U.S, featuring 75 works-in-progress from 22+ countries. Spotlight on Documentaries connects over 70 film, television, digital and audio works-in-progress with industry representatives to advance their projects and their careers. Other activities include pitching events, script readings, showcases, meet ups, panels and more.

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IFP Week 2018 Staff 

Please see below for our wonderful seasonal staff for IFP Week 2018! If you have any questions, please contact industryreg@ifp.org.

Click here for the IFP full-time staff page.


Jaclyn Gramigna

Artists & Industry Manager

Monisha Gandi

Conference & Public Programs Associate Producer

Diana Drumm

Conference & Public Programs Manager

Julia Gunnison

Narrative Meetings Manager

Evan Neff

Non-Fiction Meetings Manager

Rick Balian

Publications Editor

Saskia Vaye

Special Events Manager

Janani Sreenivasan

Publications Manager

Shurize Richards

Volunteer Manager

Nick Borenstein

No Borders Consultant

Meredith Alloway

Social Media & Communications Consultant

Frank PR