Michel Reilhac, Head of Submarine Channel

“When I attend IFP Film Week, not one single minute of my time is wasted. The quality and diversity of the teams I met non-stop was mind-blowing. And the magic of it was that in the midst of this abundance of great, carefully selected projects, I felt it quite easy to zoom in on the few works-in-progress that truly drew my attention. I guess the IFP holds a secret recipe that no other event has. I don’t know how they do it, but they do it very well.”

Guneet Monga, CEO and Producer, Sikhya Entertainment and AKFPL

“The Independent Film Week personally for me has been a wonderful experience. It just provides so much perspective to your own work and the projects being incubated. You end up not only meeting the finest in terms of projects, but also the diversity of the people is a great learning experience within the Industry. The collective knowledge in the room and teams itself gives you a high. I would be a part of it every year and strongly recommend everyone to attend it.”

Frédéric BoyerArtistic Director, Tribeca Film Festival

“At IFP’s Independent Film Week, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of great and courageous producers defending their projects with passion. It was helpful for me to understand the independent [cinema] from New York and also other territories.”

David Courier, Programmer, Sundance Film Festival

“The IFP is an invaluable resource for discovering new cinematic voices. There have been many documentaries and dramatic films that we’ve premiered at the Sundance Film Festival that either I or one of my colleagues first saw in rough cut form at the IFP. Besides being a breeding ground for exciting new talent and important work, the IFP is an incredible networking opportunity – a place that truly values filmmakers and challenges them to reach new heights.”

Charlotte Mickie, President, Mongrel International

“Independent Film Week is a superbly curated event that leads sales agents, potential financiers and distributors directly to the most creative and original filmmakers in America today. It’s a ‘must do’ on my circuit.”

Mike S. RyanProducer, Free in Deed

“I need to believe that true authentic voices from the streets will always be able to reach me. IFP’s Independent Film Week program offers me the opportunity to partner with this type of new talent. It is unique in its openness, consistent in its quality and daring in its choices. As an independent producer operating largely outside of a corporate structure with only myself and some devoted partners to seek out and evaluate new material, the scripts are an essential part of my development process. I have two key projects on my slate that came to me through the meetings at the program and both of these writer/directors are committed, professional, and creative collaborators who are driven by passion for their projects. I look forward to the Film Week every year, where I know that this kind of passion will bring real talent to the table.”

Simon KilmurryExecutive Director, International Documentary Association (IDA)

“The IFP [Independent Film Week] is one of the most important weeks of the year for P.O.V. It’s the place where we get up to speed on films in production and have the chance to get to know the filmmakers. We often pick up films [at Film Week], and when we do, IFP becomes a key partner all the way through to broadcast on P.O.V.”

Lawrence Mattis, Partner, Circle of Confusion

“I love IFP Film Week.  It’s a fantastic New York resource, bringing together a terrific range of projects in different stages of development.  Every year I find projects, writers, directors and producers that interest me, and very often lead to business down the road.  The IFP team has done a great job sourcing and curating the projects and I can’t wait until the next edition.”